★★★★★ Super süß

Die sind Super! Voll lustig und süß ! Bin glücklich.


★★★★★ Cute

I like it very much


★★★★★ Best Stickers ever

My wife is crazy about those Fat Unicorns.And of course the work .Apple does not let Apps through that do not work.My wife also could not locate them at first. But this is an imessage App ,that means you can find it in imessage and not your home screen.That is because you want to use it in imessage and not on your home screen.


★★★★★ Top!!

Eine super süße App als Alternative für die normalen Emojis. Fat Unicorns können sehr einfach in die Chats bei iMessage eingefügt werden und bringen den Chat Partner garantiert zum schmunzeln. Get your own fat unicorn for iMessage instead of the normal Emojis.


★★★★★ Everybody needs a unicorn

Super sweet unicorn-ladies. I like the way they move, dance, turn and turn, blink with their eyes or jump into coffee. All are moving and are so lovely designed. Love them ❤


★★★★★ so cute!

Ich liebe diese Einhörner und ganz besonders, dass sie so niedlich fett sind... Immer wenn ich sie ansehe, muss ich vor Freude kichern. Mehr davon!


★★★★★ My favorite stickers!

Where can I find more of your art? I use these stickers all the time! Thank you :)


★★★★☆ No monthly new stickers.

I love these stickers and use them all the time. But there hasn’t been any updates for a while now.


★★★★★ Love These!!!

These unicorn stickers were adorable and helpful, loved it!

Abigail Boyette

★★★★☆ Scam

Do not download it is a scam it does not install. Updated and it still doesn't download. SCAM!!!!!!


★★★★★ Everyday

These stickers make me smile


★★★★★ She's fat. She's an unicorn....she's amazing!!!

Love this set of stickers. Don't share her love of coffee but totally agree on the wonderfulness of rainbows.

Chele Belle Says

★★★★★ These make me so happy!

These cute fat unicorns make me so happy. My daughter loves them too. I'm not sure why everyone who reviewed them gave up so quickly- they are a little tricky to find- but just look for the "app" icon in your iMessage window and that pops up your animated stickers. Or consult the developers support page which explains where to find them. So fun!


★★★★★ These work fine!

No troubles, and they are cute to boot. The others must not know where to find them. These are stickers for use in messenger only. You find them under the 'A' tab when you're texting. They send like gifs.


★★★★☆ Awesome Stickers

I love unicorns and these are perfect. Also, if anyone does not know how to find them when you install it. Go to the little symbol in your iMessage that has the A on it. Then it'll most likely pull your music up. Go to the bottom and click where it says music and you should be able to find the stickers there. Hope that helped!


★★★★☆ Cute, I like it.

My only complaint is that some of the cursive text on some of the stickers is hard to read. But, I like all the rest.